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Make Wallpaper Illusions By Faux Finish Stenciling

Are you currently problematic because your home walls are not the same as they were once before? Perhaps your kids have gotten into the habit of drawing some figures on the walls as a part of their growing up years. It could also be that the beauty of your home walls already faded because of the long years that have passed. When your concern is that of home improvement, you may start with your walls by stenciling.

In these days, stencils no longer come in packages of plain cut out shapes. They have gone more elaborate in design. In fact, those faux painters find it really challenging to work with these items. Apart from being sophisticated, the materials that may be used to finish a project come in a myriad of kinds.

All of your walls can be decorated like brand new with stenciling. The faux finish stenciling is said to be one of the most cost-effective means of adding decorations to your home. Whether you are planning to revamp the look of your master's bedroom, kids' room, kitchen, dining area, or living room area, the secret lies on how artistic your imagination is. The decorative details are very precise and vivid that the entire home is sure to get a new and cozy look.

The secret to stenciling the faux finish way is by paying attention to the theme of your choice. By this, you will be able to comprehend on the decorative details that you are to emphasize in your work of art. All that you need is the stencil itself, the appropriate paint, and a sponge or tool brush. Stencil packages often come with a comprehensive set of instructions. If you want to rely on your own creativity, then, do so! You may also use a photo or any other image that you think is worthy to use for stenciling purposes.

Before getting on with your project, it is important that you practice first. Try the patterns by cutting the stencil using colored papers or by simply drawing it on some piece of paper. Then, check out if the designs match the surface of your choice. If it looks good and you have that gut feeling, then, it is time to do it! But of course, you should clean the surface and repair some chips or cracks before decorating it.

When stenciling, secure the stencil in place by using a masking tape so it will not move. Load your sponge or brush with a small quantity of paint. Be sure to start at the edges then inwards. Apply the embossing materials equally over the stencil so that an in-depth layer will be created. Hold the stencil in place for a few minutes to allow the paint to dry. After it has dried up, the images can now be softened or aged by using sandpaper. Clean the stencil whenever necessary so as not to ruin the other designs for the concept. The build up of paint can be removed by scrubbing the stencil with detergent. Afterwards, dry it on a paper towel.

The stencil can be used as a pattern just like that of the wallpaper. If done the right way, the home walls, cabinets, or corners will be enlivened. So, design your home with a stencil faux finished now!


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